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Meizu CEO says port-less phone was a publicity stunt

Meizu’s CEO Jack Wong has admitted that a recent crowdfunding campaign for the Meizu Zero, the “World’s First Holeless Phone,” was little more than a publicity stunt (Engadget). The CEO wrote, the holeless phone is a project from the R&D department; they never intended to mass-produce this project.

Wong’s comments certainly reflect the reality of the IndieGoGo campaign, which gained widespread press attention yet, it still failed to hit its-$100,000 funding goal. Despite using advanced tech to achieve its port-free design.

since Meizu had a fixed funding goal for the project and not a flexible goal used by the majority of IndieGoGo projects, the campaign ended without any backers losing their money. if they had a flexible goal it would have allowed Meizu to obtain the money indifferent to if they hit their target.

Although Wong claims the phone is just a development project, a prototype was made for MWC and featured at . Whether this prototype has a future as a commercial device is unclear.

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