The latest trailer for the Hellboy reboot is out

Two new trailers upcoming reboot of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy have just been released. The new trailers give us a wholesome look at the film’s plot while offering a much better feeling than the other.

This is a reboot of the film franchise, featuring Stranger Things’ David Harbour as the movie’s so-called demon(Hellboy). The trailers outline the plot of the film and cover some of the familiar rhythms of Hellboy ’s story. Hellboy was summoned from Hell by some Nazis looking for an edge During World War II. He was preferably adopted by the US and raised under a Bureau for Paranormal Research, which is designed to help repel paranormal threats.

It’s one of those threats Hellboy finds himself embroiled in: a sorceress, Nimue the Queen of Blood, has risen and is threatening to Thanos London — turning everyone to dust to do something evil. The story draws from a broad arc of Hellboy comics — Darkness Calls, The Storm and the Fury, and The Wild Hunt. Along the way, she appeals to Hellboy’s demonic side, trying to get him to join her and to fulfil his destiny as a ruler of Hell.

The first trailer didn’t instil much confidence, and it showed off Harbour’s take on Hellboy; however, the trailer did not feel like it was showing off a hard-R rated film, especially the vibe that the comics give off.

Both trailers, show off quite a tad more blood and gore, and some humour. It feels just like the original comics, even though it doesn’t have the same design and feel of the original films.

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