Fortnite season 8 arrives with a volcano, pirates and a banna skin

The latest season of Fortnite arrives with erupting volcanos.

The most significant alteration is the addition of two new playable locations that have appeared on the map, which can be found at the northeast of the island, around the volcano that sprouted where Wailing Woods used to be. There’s now lava to look out for, and volcanic vents that will give you a boost in the air. The snowy part of the island from season 7 is still around making the map really diverse.

This season has an adventure theme that includes a lot of pirates, which brings with it a new pirate cannon weapon. Meanwhile, planes, ATKs, shopping carts, chiller grenades, and sneaky snowman disguises are all gone from Fortnite starting today.

A new season brings with it a new battle pass, and this time it includes many pirate themed goodies: new skins and gliders, adventurous theme music, and, for some reason, a dog carved out of wood. There’s a frightening new banana skin named Peely. Just like the other battle passes, there is a sum of 100 rewards to unlock with the battle pass, for the next 69 days.

Epic has been teasing significant changes both on social media and in game. The company has been tweeting what looked to be pirate themed art , and earlier this month the island was rocked some earthquakes, implying some shifts in the world itself. Epic even broke the news on reddit that planes would be going away.

Season 8 will most likely be just as busy. Keep an eye out for pirates.

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