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Samsung accidentally leaks new wearables through its Android app

A recent update to Samsung’s app for wearables has accidentally revealed a lineup of new products, to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S10 in the coming week. The Samsung Gear app now displays several new devices on its front page which include, a smartwatch, wireless earbuds, and a fitness band.

The Galaxy Watch Active is prime on the list and seems to be the smartwatch which recently was leaked with a closely related name. It at least two colours and has 40mm round casing, according to the app. the image on the watch face indicates that Samsung might replace its traditional rotating-bezel UI.

Lastly, we have clear-cut confirmation of the new Galaxy Buds,(Samsung’s new rebottle to Apples airpods). They are said to be able to charge wirelessly from the Galaxy S10 itself.

Samsung’s event is will be happening on February the 20th. You can keep up with all the new here.

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