Fortnite’s island is being attacked by earthquakes

The Fortnite island is beginning to shake things up. The Fortnite island has been hit with a string of earthquakes, which produced considerably large cracks in the ground. The breaks have only occurred east of Lazy Links.

All of this is likely part of the story of season 8 slowly unfolding, which will be launching in basically two weeks. There are already theories going around that the constant rhythm of the earthquakes, is closely tied to the cube, which travelled around the island making strange anomalies in the past season.

While Epic’s game persists to be immensely popular, it has recently gotten some new found competition with Respawns, Apex Legends, which accumulated over 26 million players in a week.

The tremors are new, exciting and we don’t know what will eventually come from this, that’s Fortnite’s particular brand of storytelling which is appealing and uncommon.

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