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Marvel launched a retro website for Captain Marvel movie

Captain Marvel is the next big movie from beloved movie studio marvel, and while still being in the timeline this movies events happen in the 1990s. Marvel has launched a new website for the movie which looks like it came directly from that time era, it is a fantastic throwback to the sites of old with its intricate designs and colour schemes.

As said by (”The result is absolutely delightful, The website taps into the nostalgia for the 1990s that we’ve seen in the film’s trailers”, it also emphasises a ton of components that were backbones of the web, at that specific time period, like brightly-coloured fonts, erratic animations and HTML frames. The site also include a punchable Skrull that pops up. It is an attractive way of advertising the movie and making people interested, they really are doing a better job than their rivals.

Captain Marvel arrives in theatres on March 8th.

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