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The Marshmello in Fortnite was an amazing glimpse of what’s to come next

If you are a fan of electronic music or have not heard of EDM producer Marshmello, Fortnite’s concert was still a stunning thing to see. It felt like a glimpse into the future, where the worlds of gaming and music were combined to create a fantastic experience.

The concert was held at Pleasant Park, showing up on Marshmello’s real-life tour schedule. The stage came to life with holograms of Fortnite characters, while a custom set of graphics played behind Marshmello’s avatar during the concert. At certain points, the stage Altered gravity, making players bounce into the sky.

Epic released a Marshmello skin, glider, and emote with a special challenge for players to get pickaxes and other items.

Epic must have earned An Epic amount of money from this concert through their micro-transactions for buying the emotes and skins. Epic was genuinely trying to outdo themselves by doing this concert; the game world could possibly be capable of doing more amazing things.

And if you want to see it again, Marshmello announced on Twitter that he’d play it again at 2 AM ET, February 3rd. If you missed the concert you could watch it here:

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