Trump wants to reopen US government cause of airport chaos

Working without pay for a month

This shutdown of the Government has been the longest in History of America and might be coming to a close faster than expected. The president said today that he would endorse a short-term resolution to reopen the government for the next few weeks.

Thousands of federal employees from various government agencies like the FFA (Federal Aviation Administration), and the FCC (Federal Communications) were laid-off at the end of December after the lawmakers were unable to pass bills to fund the government through the rest of the year. But according to President today, lawmakers are going to vote on a resolution to extend funding till February 15th as border wall deliberations continue.

The FAA was forced to make distinctive changes to flight times and routes after the agency had noticed a rise in employees calling in sick. The federal workers that are deemed crucial are needed to work during the shutdown even without pay, and over 800,000 federal workers haven’t gotten their second paycheck which was to be paid this week.

Some weeks ago, news broke that carriers had been selling user location data to third-party groups and Lawmakers have called for FCC to provide a briefing as to how carriers were allowed to engage in this , but FCC chairman Ajit Pai said he would be unable to provide that briefing due to the shutdown.

Lawmakers only have a few weeks to agree over border security before the government shuts down again. Yesterday, Republican and Democrat bills both didnt have the votes necessary to reopen the government. If a consensus is not reached by February 15th, federal employees will be out of work once more.

The President also said that if he does not get funding for the wall before the deadline, he will sign an emergency declaration.

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