The iPhone “GATES”

Apple one of the world’s biggest and richest companies knows no bounds when it comes to controversy. Apple makes various devices such as the iMacsMacBook’s, and iPhone with the latter having some of the most controversies out of all. Apple just came out of one of their biggest controversies being the 2018 MacBook Pro overheating and that making the MacBook’sfrom last year as efficient as the new one making the predecessor rival the successor in stats,  but they later fixed the problem mostly with an update to Mac OS which made all their computers faster.

What Are The “GATES”

The word gate is a suffix which could be added to a word to mean that there is a controversy or problem with a country person or anything and Apple has had a lot of these.”what people don’t realise is that apple sells a very huge amount of iPhones  which means if just 0.01% of the phones have a problem/”GATE” the that means that over 20,000 iPhones could be affected and that’s still a significant amount of people” mkbhd ( 2018)

How do the gates affect you

there have been many iPhone gates with the most prominent of them being the bend gate, chip gate and most recently the beauty and charge gate. The bend gate became popular when a very famous YouTube personnel (Unbox Therapy ) the topic back in 2014, the controversy was about the weakness of the metal casing (aluminium) used on the iPhone 6 which made it bend easily under not much pressure , this was later fixed with the arrival of the iPhone 6s in 2015 . Then came the emergence of the chip gate which saw a small percentage of difference between iPhone speeds due to two different chipsets put in the iPhone.

And now we currently have both the beauty gate and the charge gate which are both affecting the iPhone xs and xs max , the beauty gate isn’t really a “gate” per say its more like something that apple doesn’t usually do , this entails that apple have added some sort of a filter in the camera app which actively beautifies people in the frame of the camera but to me that is actually false, with my reason being when you actually think about it apple doesn’t do such and prepares you to do what you want with your phone and recently there was a test put in place by another famous YouTube in which he posted a portrait photo on instagram and captioned it as taken on the pixel 2 ,the picture had only been getting praise for it’d accuracy and not having a beauty filter like the new iPhones . after a week had gone by he revealed  that he actually took the picture with and iPhone xs max and the whole of twitter was both surprised and embarrassed and this means that the whole beauty gate was just in everyone’s head like a placebo effect what they think the iPhone could and couldn’t do.

 The charge gate, now this is a real problem that affects 4 out of 10 iPhone xs and xs max’s, it entails that the phones won’t start charging even though the charger is inserted and will either start when you tap the screen or the owner opens up the phone. This is a really big problem cause it means iPhone owners could connect their phones overnight to charge believe it would be at a hundred per cent the next morning only to see that it hadn’t been doing so giving them a limited amount of use to their phone which they paid $1000 to $1500  but luckily this has been fixed in the latest iOS update .

all in all the iPhone is an amazing phone which could have problems just like another phone could, problems cannot be stopped only surpassed and apple has shown us time and time again why they deserve our money and certainly deserve to be the richest company in the world.

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